Top 5 Roofing Problems and Issues

Top 5 Roofing Problems and Issues

Flat Roof Repair: Top 5 Roofing Issues and Problems

Flat roof repair is essential especially if you have a flat roofing system that is prone to numerous problems and maintenance issues. Flat roofs should be properly installed, maintained, and repaired in order to function and last for an extended period. Flat residential and commercial roofs could avoid major, oftentimes irreparable issues, with high-quality preventative maintenance. It is essential to know the top roofing problems for flat roofing systems in order to know what services and solutions you need.

Top 5 Roofing Problems and Issues

Here are the most prominent flat roofing problems that could cost you money and may put your safety and those of the other occupants at risk:

  1. Deteriorating Flashing

Roof flashing functions to prevent water from directly entering or penetrating a junction. The problem occurs when roof flashing is improperly or poorly installed. Flashing damage also occurs over time and the tendency for the flashing to bend may also have a drastic impact on the roof’s overall quality and function.

  1. Empty Pitch Pockets

The problem with pitch pockets is the leakage which is could be the direct result from the improper sealing of the roofing component. Pitch pockets should have the right sealant in order to prevent potential problems that could develop over time such as rusting and the tendency to leak.

  1. Ponding

Flat roofing systems are prone to ponding or the accumulation of water, snow, and debris due to the nature of its construction. Flat roof leakages are usually due to the buildup of unnecessary objects on the roof. Water will eventually penetrate and damage the materials of the roof especially when it does not evaporate or the water is not drained within a period of 72 hours.

  1. Blistering

Roofs develop blisters even with a minimal amount of moisture that is trapped inside or on the flat roof membrane. The moisture could basically detach the roof from the construction layer below which eventually causes the roof blisters.

  1. No Ventilation

Without any ventilation, condensation occurs which could eventually result in rotting especially in the timber joists and roof decking. Condensation results in rotting which could also corrode any metal fixing components of flat roofing systems.

There are other factors that could cause and aggravate your roofing problems. The first step to protecting your home’s or business’s roofing system is to hire the best people for the job. Flat roof repair protects your safety and investment.

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