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How to Install Metal Roofing Sheets

A metal roofing sheet is made from metal pieces or tiles. Usually, it is characterized by its high resistance, longevity, and impermeability. It is majorly manufactured using copper, zinc and steel alloys.

As a home builder or owner, it is important to know that metal roofing sheets are the best fit for your home. There are several reasons why you should install a metal roofing sheet in your home. 

Before you start installing your metal roofing sheet, you should seek advice from professionals on the tools and how to go about it. In this article, we will discuss exactly how to install a metal roofing sheet in your home. We will also clearly discuss the steps that need to be followed. But first, why don’t we explore the benefits of using a metal roofing sheet. 

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Why Metal Roofing Sheets?

There are many reasons that point to the fact that metal roofing sheets is a good choice for your home. Firstly, it is mostly made from a huge percentage of recycled materials. It is also recyclable. This is a plus for the environment. 

Additionally, compared to asphalt and other common roofing materials, metal roofing sheets do not get as hot. It also helps you during the summer by reflecting heat away from the building underneath. On a bigger scale, using metal roofing sheets reduces the heat island effect of living in a huge city. 

Aside from its better insulating qualities, it has been discovered that metal roofing sheets offer at least a 40% reduction in energy costs in the summer and a 15% reduction in the energy costs in the winter. 

Metal roofing sheets are also lightweight, they create little stress on the load-bearing roof support structures and can be installed on top of an existing roof. A lightweight roof is very useful for large and or old structures, as it helps to maintain the overall structural integrity of the building. 

Despite the fact that it is lightweight, metal roofing sheets provide increased wind resistance when compared to other roofing materials. This is because metal roofing sheets use interlocking panels. 


How To Install Your Metal Roofing Sheet 

The following steps should help you install metal roofing sheets for your home properly. Be sure to wear the right safety gear when attempting this DIY project. 

Take Accurate Measurements and Sketches 

Before you make that trip to the warehouse to buy your metal roofing sheets materials, make sure you have an accurate measurement of your roof. Preferably, come up with an accurate diagram or sketch of your roof showing the ridge length, eaves lengths on all sides, valleys, gables lengths on all sides, chimneys, dormers, and skylights. 

Prepare Roof Deck for Installation  

Once you have all the necessary tools, you need to prepare the roof deck. You can start by removing the old shingles. Tearing off the old roof is very important because it allows you to see and replace any rotten plywood or wood.  

Making Ice-and-Water Underlayment

After removing the old shingles, you need to install an ice-and-water underlayment. To achieve this, you will horizontally install synthetic breathable roof underlayment, with sufficient tension in the underlayment from one side of the roof to the other. You will want to start at the eaves with a slight overlap of the roof deck and nail down the first row of the underlayment.

Install the Metal trims, Metal Roofing Sheets, Drip Edge, and the other materials 

After creating this new waterproof base, you will then install the metal edging around the roof’s perimeter using 1 ¼ inch (3.2 centimetres) roofing nails.

Then, the next step is to install metal flashing at the eaves. The flashing being installed over the edge of your roof’s eaves is called a starter trim.

You should begin at one side of the house, at the top of the roof then screw in the metal sheets into the wood of the roof using tar paper.  You will need to do this over and over until you are down to the last sheet at the bottom of the roof. 

When all these are concluded, place metal trims along the edges and at the peak of the roof. Afterwards, bend the trim to make it V-shaped, fit it over the roof’s ridge and screw it down. Make sure to screw down all the metal trim and bottom sheets.

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It is highly recommended that you practice installing metal roofing sheets on a small structure before taking it up to your roof. Also, It is important to know that working on your roof is inherently dangerous and you need to be extra careful and avoid falling off. Our experts are on hand to help you with any of your metal roof installation needs. Call us today!

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