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Flat Roof Repair: All You Need to Know About the Cost

The good news about having to carry out repair work on your flat roof is that you can do-it-yourself. Even if you don’t, in the event that the flat roof in your home develops a leak, fret not as flat roof repair costs in Toronto are not expensive. 

Although there is a more extended guarantee of quality and longevity on flat roofs, no roof can remain pristine forever. Eventually, you will have to carry out repair works on the roof.

Having your flat roof sprout a leak or any other problems can be a hassle. Also, the extra expenses that come with calling in a contractor to repair your flat roof are even more bothersome. However, you don’t have to rack up those additional bills as with DIY tips, you can fix up your flat roof in no time. And at a lower cost too. Repairing your flat roof yourself is not a complicated process, and we will tell you all about how much it will cost.

On the whole, the cost of flat roof repair in Toronto is not very high. Although the costs may vary from place to place due to different factors, the prices do not differ by much. We will give you a rundown of how much DIY flat roof repair will cost so that you can adequately prepare before you begin repair works. Keep reading to find out the cost of flat roof repair and the factors that may affect it.

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Cost of Flat Roof Repair 

It is difficult to give an exact quote for the cost of your DIY flat roof repair due to the varying nature and extent of your roof problems. A leak in your flat roof is usually the most accessible and cheapest thing to fix. 

Repairing roof shingles can cost a little more depending on the material used for the shingle. However, the total cost of repairing your flat roof, especially when you do it yourself, is just a fraction of the amount you will spend if you have to replace it entirely. 

Repairing your flat roof can cost you as low as $200. In some cases, the cost can also go as high as $2000, even $3000 in severe cases. A leak is the cheapest thing to fix and usually costs under $500 to repair. Asphalt shingles cost at least $700 per 10 square feet. Resealing sections of the flat roof can cost between $600 and $1200. Rectifying the damage to the flashing in valleys may cost around $300 and $800.

Generally, repairing your flat roof’s outer layer will cost you less. That is, if the problem is a simple leak, the flat roof repair costs will be lower. The real challenge will be when you have to repair under the outer layer of your flat roof. Those are the repairs that rack up the costs. However, DIYs, where possible, always lower the cost of flat roof repair in Toronto.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Flat Roof Repair

Several factors cause the total cost of repairing your flat roof to change. Here are some of those factors.

The Type of Flat Roof

The various types of flat roofs are classified based on the materials used to make them. While some flat roofs are made out of concrete, others are made of EPDM rubber or even Spray Polyurethane Foam. These materials have different prices, and so will affect the eventual cost of repairing your flat roof.

Extent of Damage 

Depending on much repair works you have to do, you may have to spend more. Repairing leaks is generally cheaper than fixing up shingles. The larger the scope of the damage, the higher the repair costs will be.

Cost of Living in Your Area

Some areas in Toronto have a higher cost of living than other areas. If you live in an area that as a more expensive cost of living, then building materials will most likely cost more, and your total cost of repairing your flat roof will be higher. 

Existing Water Damage

The problem with water damage is that sometimes you don’t know how bad it is until your rip up the roof a bit. This will increase the cost of repair as the waterproof coating and shingles will have to be replaced. However, it is essential to check as water leaks can easily cause more extensive damage if not correctly repaired.

Features on the Roof 

Additional features such as skylights and chimneys on your flat roof can easily affect the cost of repairs as you will have to repair around it.

Roof Repair Permits

Finally, in some areas in Toronto, licenses have to be obtained before you can carry out the repair works on your flat roof. These permits usually go at a flat rate irrespective of the scope of repair you want to carry out.

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Repairing your flat roof by yourself is more likely to save you money on costs. Sometimes, depending on several factors such as the extent of your flat roof repair and the cost of materials in your location, the cost of repairing your flat roof may vary. 

However, the differences will not be significant. If you have further questions about the cost of flat roof repair or you need some DIY tips on the repair, please contact us. We’ve got you covered!

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