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Commercial Roofing as Your Key Against Building Damage

September 4, 2016

Commercial roofing provides buildings a shield of protection. In today’s times, commercial roofing has proven to be able to provide your buildings with the best protection against all kinds of damage, whether it is due to weather conditions or long use.

However, if you want to reap the benefits of commercial roofing for a long period of time, there are certain precautions that you must take as the owner or manager of the building. You must arrange for regular inspection and maintenance as a priority after certain intervals of time.

Whether yours is a residential or a commercial building, roofing is your best protection against the dangers posed by weather, moulds and mildews, water leakage, rust, and more. It is your collective responsibility as the occupants of your building to safeguard the building from damage.

Commercial roofing is the one-stop solution to all your roofing problems. Here are some of the advantages of commercial roofing.

Why commercial roofing?

We have already discussed why commercial roofing is one of the best roofing options available to us. We’ll now see what makes them the best.

Commercial roofing is long-lasting

Sure, maintenance is important for the well-being of your buildings and roofs. But, the roof that requires maintenance,time and again, cannot be considered a good quality self-sustaining roof.

As far as commercial roofs are considered, they are built to last long. This quality sets them apart from the common low-quality roofing solutions.

Commercial roofing options, such as metal roofing provides you with a robust roofing solution at a decent price. Metal roofing is a light weight roofing option with long life span and it requires low-maintenance. They come with fire resistant and heat conduction capabilities.

You want your businesses to last long and while your business lasts, you want your building to be strong enough to support your business and your employees. The durability provided by commercial roofing is unparalleled.

Commercial roofing is economical

All the commercial roofing options are economical; they give you a high value on your money. You might argue that commercial roofing is expensive at the outset. Well yes, they may be. But, when you compare the total sum of money you’d be spending in repairing the damage caused by your cheap roof with commercial roofing, you’ll find that the latter proves to be more cost-effective.

If you’d try to save money now, you might end up spending a hundred times more when the building suffers the damage due to badly built roofs. You do not want to be in that situation.

Commercial roofing takes care of waterproofing and fire resistance

All commercial roofing solutions come well-equipped with waterproofing. We can only estimate the destruction a serious water leakage can have on your roofs and buildings. Water can weaken the roofs and your ceilings might become incapable of holding the weight of the chandeliers, lamps, and your ceiling fans.

Water leakages can be a threat to the integrity of your building and it could make your building highly vulnerable to catching electric fire. Additionally, water also causes the beams that support your houses to rust. Rust is another dangerous threat that can prove to be fatal if not checked and fixed on time.

Commercial roofing offers protection against water leakages and fire outbreaks, thus, making your residential and commercial buildings highly safe and inhabitable.

Commercial roofing can be customized

There are quite a few commercial roofing options available and these options are highly flexible. Metal roofing, Polymer-modified bitumen sheet membranes, Thermoplastic membranes, Thermoset membranes, etc. are some of the materials used in manufacturing commercial roofs.

The freedom to customize the roof to suit your requirements is one of the most important and sought-after qualities of commercial roofs. You could gauge the flexibility offered by metal roofs by the fact that they can work well irrespective of whether you have flat, low-sloped, or steep roofs.

Also, they come in a wide range of colors. Now, move away from the dull grays or whites with these colorful commercial roofs. You are now free to select the roof color that blends well with the color of your building.

Commercial roofing requires less time to set up

It is quite easy to roll out the commercial roofing sheets and they come in lengths up to 100 meters. The long length of the sheets saves you the time spent in lap joints.

What you should consider before going for commercial roofing

Now that you are fully convinced that commercial roofing is superior in quality and durability than the common asphalt roofs, it is time to talk about some factors that you must consider before the work commences.

Material to be used for roofing – As we saw, there are many commercial roofing options available to us. While most of these are exceptionally good quality materials, there could be some that might not be compatible with the weather conditions of your city.
With so many roofing options open to you, you are bound to be confused and might end up making a bad choice. Do your research well. If required, seek help and guidance from your roofing contractor. This brings us to the next point, selecting the right contractor.

Choose the right contractor – If you want your commercial roofing to be installed with professional precision, then you better hire the contractor with proven skills and expertise to do the job. Realize that selecting a contractor is an important decision and do not rush into making a decision and end up with an inexperienced contractor.
Your roofing contractor should offer competitive price and value your money. But, make sure they won’t compromise on quality just to meet your budget.

We have seen how commercial roofing can truly prove to be an asset in the long-term functioning of your business. It’s an investment every commercial as well as residential building owner must make, so that they could avoid large expenditure over the repair of your damaged roofs, in the future.

Switch to commercial roofing and live stress-free for life!

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